Barfield Farm

Read the history of barfield farm

Barfield has been farmed by the Malcolm family since the 1930s, Guthrie Malcolm was a London accountant who after the first World War suffered damage to his eyes and on the recommendation of his cousin in Wateringbury he bought Barfield in 1932 to farm chickens and sell cherries.

28 years later, after his spell in the RAF his son Stewart decided to take over the farm and continue to produce soft fruit and turkeys, he purchased additional orchards from the sale of Aldon Farm, and to this day Barfield has some very old varieties of cherry no longer sold commercially.

Today Stewart and his son Rob continue to produce cherries, apples, pears, currants, raspberries, gooseberries, with the odd plum, mulberry, quince and Kent cob trees dotted throughout.  Barfield has retained all of its unspoilt rustic charm, original hop pickers huts, an old Nissan hut, and has been home to pigs, turkeys, geese, guinea fowl, chickens, pheasants, and a resident little owl.  The odd tawny and roe deer all visit from time to time as do the children and grandchildren, friends and family, there is no doubt that Barfield casts a magical spell, it has hosted weddings, christenings, get togethers and special occasions.  Many people over the years have happy memories of picking, packing, helping in the shop and generally being involved in our farm life, we love it when they pop back.